Posted: May 4, 2020 / 03:10 PM MDT / Updated: May 4, 2020 / 03:10 PM MDT

(ABC4 NEWS – BLUFFDALE, UT) Have you ever had an idea for a product? In this Utah Success Stories feature, I got to work with a company that turns ideas into reality.

Full disclosure, TV stories are about good stories and pretty pictures. My videographer, Ed Wilets, and I got excited to see the cool sparks of lasers and welding of metal in this story.

I visited with Dave Arbon, President of Fiber Nation Laser and Fabrication; “Growing up I loved welding. I loved working with metal. The team we have here. They are in the same boat.”

Dave walked me around his plant and showed off some of his team’s work; “These are in the food grade industry. These come in as a flat sheet. We work them until it is a finished product including all the bending and welding.”

Any time I get a chance, I like to participate with the companies I profile. I was thrilled when Dave said; “Doug, if you had an idea. Crazy idea. You bring it into us. We’ll draw it up. we will cut it, we’ll bend it, we’ll weld it, we’ll finish it. We can do a project from A to B and have it completed finished, or we can have it half way done where you can finish it as your own product.”

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